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Enchilada Squares

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  • 1 Pound Ground Beef
  • 1/4 Cup, Chopped Onion
  • 4 Eggs
  • 1, 5.5 Ounce Can Evaporated Milk
  • 1 Envelope (or make your own) Enchilada Sauce Mix
  • 1, 8 Ounce Can Tomato Sauce
  • 1/2 Cup, Sliced Black Olives
  • 2 Cups Corn Chips
  • 1 Cup Cheddar Cheese

Enchilada Squares

All the flavor of an enchilada in a casserole!

50 minutes

Serves: 6


A quick and easy enchilada dinner presented in a traditional casserole style.

Enchilada Squares Ingredients

If you’re looking for a quick and easy dinner that will satisfy any Tex-Mex food cravings, look no further than these Enchilada Squares. This recipe is really quite fun to put together and can help you get dinner on the table in under an hour. It features all the flavors of a traditional beef enchilada in an easy to serve casserole. We served it with shredded lettuce and chopped tomatoes for a plate full of goodness. Of course,with some chips and salsa on the side, too.

Making these Enchilada Squares is pretty straight forward. Browning the ground beef and onions is a snap and the rest of the ingredients can be prepped while you’re doing that. The sauce is simply four lightly beaten eggs mixed with tomato sauce, evaporated milk and a packet of enchilada seasoning. Enchilada seasoning can be hard to find, but it’s SUPER easy to make your own. That’s what I did using this recipe and it was great. Plus it makes enough to have some left over to sprinkle over potatoes or eggs.

Other than browning the onions and eggs, this is a recipe that could EASILY be assembled by little chefs. They’d probably have a lot of fun with it too. Especially loading it up with chips and cheese.

I think this recipe could also be altered quite a few ways. Swapping out the ground beef for ground turkey or veggie crumbles would be great. I also think you could do shredded chicken on the first layer as well, and maybe switch the enchilada seasoning packet to the green enchilada version. I might also add sliced pickled jalapeño to the black olive layer next time, too.

As always, I would love to hear your feedback if you give this one a try. And please share a picture of the end result with me on Instagram (@bdhbakes)!

Enchilada Squares Recipe Card Front

Enchilada Squares Recipe Card Back


  • Preheat Oven to 350º 
  • Prep Your Pan 

    Prep a 10" x 6" pan or baking dish with cooking spray. Set aside.

    Enchilada Squares Prep Pan
  • Chop Veggies 

    Chop your onion. If you have whole black olives, make sure you slice those now, too.

  • Brown Ground Beef and Onions 

    In a preheated pot or pan, cook your ground beef and onions over medium high heat until the beef is well browned.

    Enchilada Squares Brown Beef
    Enchilada Squares Brown Beef
    Enchilada Squares Brown Beef
  • Layer Beef in Pan 

    Allow the beef to cool slightly and then layer into the bottom of the prepped baking dish.

    Enchilada Squares Beef Layer
  • Make Sauce 

    Crack eggs into a medium size bowl. Whisk lightly to break up the yolks. Add the evaporated milk, enchilada sauce, and tomato sauce and whisk well until fully combined.

    Enchilada Squares Eggs
    Enchilada Squares Add Sauce Ingredients
    Enchilada Squares Mix Sauce
  • Pour Sauce Over Beef Layer 
    Enchilada Squares Pour Sauce
  • Add Black Olives and Corn Chips 

    Evenly sprinkle the sliced black olives on top of the egg mixture. Next, add the corn chips evenly over the top.

    Enchilada Squares Add Black Olives
    Enchilada Squares Add Corn Chips
  • Bake Casserole 

    Bake in the preheated over for 20 - 25 minutes.

  • Grate Cheese 

    While your enchilada squares are baking, grate one cup of cheese.

  • Top With Cheese 

    When the baking time is up, take the dish out of the oven and sprinkled with cheese. Pop it bake in the over for another 3-5 minutes or until the cheese is melted and bubbly.

    Enchilada Squares Done Baking
  • Cool 

    After the cheese is melted and gooey, take the dish out of the oven and allow to cool for 5 minutes before slicing into six squares. Serve with some chopped tomatoes and sliced lettuce.



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