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Meet Brandon Hunt

Brandon D Hunt with Grandma JackieI am Brandon Hunt a designer and illustrator living in Atlanta, Georgia with my husband, Scott Hunt. I’m an avid baker and cook and love spending time in the kitchen. Some of my favorite early memories are of the great meals my Grandma Jackie would make for holidays for the Hart family. I was honored one Thanksgiving to get to stay at Grandma’s and help with the big meal. I loved every minute of it. Between that event and all the hours spent in and around the kitchen with my mom, my passion for baking and cooking was ignited!

While Grandma isn’t able to cook meals like she did anymore, I was lucky enough to become the steward of one of her recipe books. The inspiration for this site came from wanting to explore and try all the recipes and—more importantly—to archive them and share them all with my family across the country. Luckily, Grandma is just a phone call or a text (yes she texts!) away for whenever I get into a sticky situation. FULL DISCLOSURE: my mom has been right on hand as well!

This collection of recipes from Grandma come from a variety of sources. Many are family recipes that have a heavy influence from the German immigrants who settled in eastern Iowa around the Mississippi. Other recipes are from friends, collected over the years. Many of the recipes call for ingredients that aren’t available anymore. Because of this, you’ll find some substitutes or changes, but overall I’ve tried to keep the recipes as close as possible to the way they were made by Grandma.

I hope you enjoy looking through these recipes! I hope even more that you give some a try and taste a bit of our family history. If you do, please be sure to let us know what you think! We’d love to hear from you.

About Me

Brandon D Hunt is always cooking or baking up something fun in Atlanta where he lives with his husband, Scott. By day he’s a graphic designer.

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